Whisky Review #114: Balblair 1973 32 Years Old (Gordon & MacPhail Private Collection)

Ah Balblair. For all their releases, the distillery still remains somewhat underrated by the general community and somewhat overshadowed by Old Pulteney in the Inver House stable. But one thing is for sure: the distillery is capable of producing some truly exceptional whisky. I have also realised that the one thing my previous reviews of […]

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Whisky Review #87: Balblair 1999 17 Years Old (Travel Retail Exclusive)

Balblair has always maintained a soft spot in my heart due to the wonderful whiskies that the distillery has produced over the years. I have previously also mentioned that Balblair tends to do good bourbon-matured and great sherry-matured whiskies. But what happens when the distillery comes up with an expression which encompasses elements of both? […]

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The Hitlist

I created this page for one purpose: To document the whiskies and the distilleries that I have tried so far. While I may not be able to list every single whisky I have had the privilege of sampling over the years, I will endeavour to commit as many as I can remember to this page. […]

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The Collection

I started collecting whisky bottles and miniatures in late 2013 as I realised that some bottles were rather difficult to obtain or not readily available at my local stores. As time went by, I also picked up certain bottlings which I believed (and still believe) would present a rather good return on investment in years […]

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The Distillery List

| DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this page has been obtained primarily from one source, the Malt Whisky Yearbook, which is edited by Mr Ingvar Ronde. The information presented below is only an fraction of the total information available in the book and it is a highly recommended read for all whisky fans and anoraks […]

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