Whisky Review #130: Bunnahabhain 1989 28 Years Old (The Whisky Agency Bottling)

I have a soft spot for Bunnahabhain. It was and still is a rather underrated distillery, primarily due to it having lived in the shadows of its more illustrious cousins on the Kildalton coast. The distillery has historically been known for producing either unpeated or lightly peated whiskies, although there have been instances where heavily […]

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Whisky Review #77: Bunnahabhain Double Header – 12 Years Old vs Ceobanach

We whisky drinkers can be a funny bunch. While we are fully aware that the whiskies from Islay are predominantly peaty and smoky, we tend to fixate on these two characteristics and sometimes it is to the detriment of the distilleries which do not display these two characteristics as overtly as their counterparts. Bunnahabhain would […]

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Whisky Review #4: Bunnahabhain

For my fourth review, I will be showcasing the four whiskies that I tried during my visit to Bunnahabhain distillery as well as a further special sample which was provided by my tour guide, Bethany. The five whiskies are as follows: 1) Bunnahabhain 12 Years Old 2) Bunnahabhain 18 Years Old 3) Bunnahabhain Cruach Mhona […]

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Whisky Review #67: Laphroaig 11 Years Old (Exquisite Schiphol Exclusive Bottling)

Ahh Laphroaig. If there was one word which could accurately describe the whiskies that the distillery produces, it would probably be polarising. People definitely fall into one of two categories when it comes to Laphroaig: Either they love it to death, or hate its guts. This polarisation can be partly attributed to the uninitiated wanting […]

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The Hitlist

I created this page for one purpose: To document the whiskies and the distilleries that I have tried so far. While I may not be able to list every single whisky I have had the privilege of sampling over the years, I will endeavour to commit as many as I can remember to this page. […]

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