Whisky Review #123: Bowmore 1989 21 Years Old (Silver Seal Bottling)

The whiskies from Bowmore are a varied bunch, with there having been some truly spectacular releases over the decades. While the current core and travel retail ranges have been somewhat lacklustre, it seems that the independent bottlers have had more luck with regard to their releases from the distillery. This week’s review focuses on an […]

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Whisky Review #7: Bowmore

For my seventh review, I will be showcasing the 3 whiskies that I tried during my tour at Bowmore as well as the new make spirit from the distillery. The whiskies are as follows: 1) Bowmore 15 Years Old Mariner (43% abv) 2) Bowmore 14 Years Old bourbon matured (from the cask, unknown abv) 3) […]

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