Whisky Review #3: Kilchoman

For my third review, I will be showcasing the four different whiskies that I tried at Kilchoman distillery as well as two samples which were provided by the distillery manager to sample at home.

The six whiskies are as follows:

1) Kilchoman 100% Islay 4th Edition

2) Kilchoman Single Cask Release

3) Kilchoman Original Cask Strength

4) Kilchoman Port Cask Matured

5) Kilchoman 2010 UK Winter Tour

6) Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength

From left: 100% Islay, Single Cask Release, Original Cask Strength & Port Cask Matured.
From left: 100% Islay 4th Edition, Single Cask Release, Original Cask Strength & Port Cask Matured.
From left: 2010 UK Winter Tour sample & Machir Bay Cask Strength.
From left: 2010 UK Winter Tour sample & Machir Bay Cask Strength.

Kilchoman 100% Islay 4th Edition (50% abv)

Colour: Pale gold

Nose: Light peat, restrained smokiness, citrus fruits and some saltiness peeking through.

Palate: Maritime notes with some saltiness and a good measure of peat. Some vanilla, more of the citrus fruits from the nose apparent after a while with an underlying smokiness which augments the flavour well.

Finish: The citrus takes control with some tobacco pouch notes in a medium finish. Very good dram.

Kilchoman Single Cask Release (59.6% abv)

Colour: Copper

Nose: The abv is definitely apparent in the nose. Citrus fruits in the forefront with some raisins and sherry influence. Sweat peat and some smokiness.

Palate: Good, oily mouthfeel. Very rich and chewy malt with an abundance of sweetness from the citrus fruits and sherry. Quite peaty and spicy on the palate. Some maritime notes towards the end.

Finish: Long, lingering, sweet and very satisfying. Peat smoke intermingled with the sherry fades slowly but leaves a lasting impression.

Kilchoman Original Cask Strength (59.2% abv)

Colour: Straw yellow

Nose: Vanilla notes intermingled with melon and some pineapple. Peat smoke lingering in the background.

Palate: Creamy, malty and slightly drying mouthfeel. Vanilla once again at the forefront with the melon and some mango quite apparent. Pineapple also makes an appearance before giving way to nice smoky peat.

Finish: Quite long with the peat as the star of the show. Very good dram for cold nights.

Kilchoman Port Cask Matured (55% abv)

Colour: Ruby red

Nose: The port influence really shines through. Plums, raisins and blackcurrants at the forefront. Some hints of Ecuadorian cocoa and peat smoke in the background.

Palate: Rich and luxurious mouthfeel. Sweet and slightly drying, with hints of cigar ash and dark fruits. Smoky goodness.

Finish: Long, sweet, smoky and simply unforgettable. My favourite of the lot.

Kilchoman 2010 UK Winter Tour (46% abv)

Colour: Bright gold

Nose: Fruity and somewhat medicinal. Some maritime notes and just a bit of peat.

Palate: Fruit cocktail, bourbon sweetness coupled with some subtle peat. Quite unusual but unique nonetheless.

Finish: Fairly long and clean with some peat smoke and fading citrus.

Kilchoman Machir Bay Cask Strength (58.8% abv)

Colour: Deep gold

Nose: Stewed fruits, some citrus notes and an abundance of peat. Quite an assertive nose.

Palate: Sweet peat, more citrus and stewed fruits with hints of tobacco and some vanilla. Quite chewy with the smoke taking over towards the end.

Finish: Very long finish with the smoke and citrus combining well to deliver a nice one-two punch. Quite memorable.






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